Tesla Model 3: in China they will have lithium-iron-phosphate batteries


A part of the future of electric cars you play on the development of batteries. Auto manufacturers, in this sense, are investing heavily to push the evolution of accumulators. Tesla seems to have big news to be revealed in this field which will be announced during the appointment Battery Day that it is not known exactly when it will be held. Meanwhile, from China comes the news that the American manufacturer has obtained thegovernment authorization to use lithium iron phosphate batteries for the Model 3 assembled in the Shanghai Gigafactory.

This is a very important news. These accumulators they do not use cobalt inside them which is a very expensive item and therefore they are cheaper. However, they also have some disadvantages including a lower energy density. It seems, however, that CATL managed to find a solution to this problem and to improve both energy density and reliability over time. And CATL, although not officially confirmed, should supply Tesla with these accumulators.

Therefore, Tesla Model 3 with this new technology should always offer people the same performance in terms of autonomy, charging capacity and reliability over time. The advantage is that production costs are expected to drop. To understand, then, if this economic benefit will be passed on to buyers with a drop in the price of cars. CATL recently also announced new batteries capable of lasting 16 years and 2 million km.

But to find out more about all Tesla projects, you will have to wait for the Battery Day appointment. In that venue Elon Musk it will certainly reveal all the details.

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