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Incredible and immediately viral accident for one Tesla Model 3 which crashed ruinously against a truck overturned on the roadway. American electricity was in Autopilot but apparently the system did not prevent the clash. The accident happened a few days ago on a Taiwan highway, with the incident that was captured entirely by a nearby traffic detection camera.

On board the Tesla Model 3 a 53-year-old man was traveling who fortunately got out of the car with only a few scratches and probably a lot of fear. Law enforcement officers rushed to the accident site admitted to having inserted the Autopilot guidance system but that the sensors of the car would not have detected the imminent danger, u medium-sized truck already overturned on the road that occupied two lanes of the highway. The only sign that makes us think of a late intervention of the driving system is the escape of smoke from the car, a sign of very intense braking which however did not prevent the worst from happening. It is probable that the driver did not have his eyes on the road when the accident occurred: the Autopilot system in fact guarantees autonomous driving but still requires the driver of the car to remain vigilant and to check for any dangers on the road so as to be always ready to intervene. On social media, where the clip immediately went viral, controversy immediately broke out, with many users immediately pointing the finger at Tesla and his guide system.

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The incident still arises once again questioning the effectiveness of autonomous driving systems which can often be fallible: current technology does not yet guarantee the total absence of dangers and always requires maximum attention from those who stay in the car. The most important thing however remains that the accident, however emblematic, did not cause casualties and that the driver remained unharmed.


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