Tesla Cybertruck ready for the moon? Here it is in some original and detailed renderings


Recently the two companies of Elon Musk, Tesla is SpaceX,
they are sharing experience and staff in order to never like before
optimize the research carried out in the respective sectors, with the ultimate aim of carry on
new projects and optimize the development plans of each company.

At the height of this close collaboration there could be, for example a
electric vehicle
designed for moving up lunar soil or even Martian: to give
this not so imaginative project is shaped by the designer Charlie
using the electric pickup as a base Cybertruck
modifying it down to the smallest detail with lunar rover style equipment.

Electric vehicles have a long history of space travel since engines
combustion need our atmosphere, or air, to complete the operating cycle, while electric motors can generate power in a much wider range of environments.
Returning to the specific case of this Cybertruck designed for the moon, the idea certainly spot-on and very original, but in fact, especially due to its important dimensions, it would hardly be a “comfortable” vehicle to be shipped to space but the electric traction technology of Tesla we are sure it would not have major problems to work even on soils other than land.

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