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In addition to building electric cars and leading the market in many countries, Tesla had inaugurated its own line of solar panels for housing. The photovoltaic business had immediately appeared on the founder’s strings Elon Musk and from the beginning many American citizens had decided to buy them, paying a deposit of 1000 dollars for a first supply. The installation of these products should have taken place in 2018, with the idea of ​​also exporting them abroad.

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As several US newspapers and sites report, now Tesla canceled some of those orders, without particular notice and with a motivation that led interested parties to protest against Elon Musk’s company. It is a new chapter in a troubled story, which had seen these panels encounter longevity problems during the tests, with an upgrade in version V3 which in late 2019 was to be the definitive and correct one.

Tesla instead canceled orders in some American regions, notifying with one e-mail thus compiled: “Until further changes, your home is not located in our service network. The driving distance from our nearest service depot makes it impossible to provide our high quality assistance. For this reason we are unable to follow your project“. Tesla has promised to return the deposit amount within 7-10 business days. But it is evident, in the opinion of the former potential customers, that three years for a service that then vanished with an email are not a good business card for Tesla, in particular for the lack of environmental and savings contributions that several families have had to postpone .

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At issue are the system of deposits Tesla, which does not guarantee a prompt delivery of the product, and especially one planning not so reliable given that several projects, also relating to the automotive world, have long been postponed. A notable difference with other traditional car manufacturers whose timing is rigidly oriented to maximum precision: a point where Tesla will and will certainly have to improve in its climb towards greater market segments.

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