Tension for outbreak in Mondragone, more than 700 tampons performed – Campania


Situation still tense in Mondragone, in the Casertano area. 730 tampons were carried out on people from the former Cirio buildings, which has been a red zone since Monday due to around 43 coronavirus infections, particularly spread in the Bulgarian community that lives there. Then the staff of the ASL of Caserta moved to Piazza Crocelle and Piazza Falcone to practice citizens’ tests on a voluntary basis. The story was discovered with a pregnant Bulgarian woman who tested positive in the hospital.

“In a few days we will also do in Mondragone what we have done in other parts of Campania, such as for the outbreaks of the Vallo di Diano and Ariano where we made 13 thousand tampons”, says the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca “.

After a tense night it was a morning of relative calm in the red zone.

The four positive Bulgarians who had managed to disappear by violating the red zone were also traced, although rumors of 7-8 other positive Bulgarians who disappeared were circulating. Bulgarian tenants remained in their homes, mostly facing balconies, as did Italian ones; the area was more sealed with the placement of concrete jersey.

There was a moment of tension when an Italian, father of a girl residing in the former Cirio buildings, entered and left the red zone, and was stopped by the military, but the situation has returned. Meanwhile, the mayor Virgilio Pacifico has launched an appeal to the citizens inviting them to do the tampons, and to present themselves at the two ASL stations built in Piazza Falcone and Piazza Crocelle. “Dear fellow citizens of Mondragone – writes the mayor in a note – I think it opportune and necessary that you submit, free of charge, to the examination of the swab to detect the possible presence of Coronavirus. A routine examination for medical institutions, which is performed quickly and it’s painless. ”

The vehicle should be owned by a Bulgarian. From the first investigations it seems that the cause is painful and that an incendiary bottle has been used.

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