Tennis, after Dimitrov also Coric positive for Coronavirus


The Croatian on Twitter reveals that he is positive for Covid. He had played the Adria Tour against the Bulgarian. Dimitrov’s coach and Djokovic’s trainer, authorized to return to Belgrade, were also positive

The tweet

“Hi everyone, I want to inform you that I tested positive for the coronavirus – wrote the 23 year old Croatian, number 33 in the world, on his Twitter profile -. I want to tell everyone who came in contact with me in the last few days to get tested. I am truly sorry for the problems I may have caused. I am fine and have no symptoms. Stay safe and healthy. I love you”.

The tournament

After Dimitrov’s positivity, the tournament organizers subjected 22 people to a swab: 19 were negative. In addition to Coric, the other positives are Djokovic’s trainer, Marko Paniki, and Dimitrov’s coach, Kristijan Groh. Djokovic has no symptoms but will be tested on his return to Belgrade today. “All three will remain in solitary confinement in Zadar and will follow the instructions of the authorities – the organizers said -. They will do a new test in five days: if it is negative, they will go home, otherwise other decisions will be made “. The other tested and negative players were allowed to return home, but were told to put themselves in solitary confinement. Dimitrov’s positivity led to the cancellation of the final, between Djokovic and the Russian Rublev. Nole had responded to criticism of the tournament’s health situation by talking about a pandemic situation under control in the area. Many spectators wore masks, but the distance between the players had not been respected. The closing party of a tournament in a night club, organized by Djokovic himself, where the players had thought of everything except social distancing, was also under accusation. Dimitrov had also attended, who only a few hours later had announced his positivity.


The second announcement of a tennis player’s coronavirus positivity in a few hours is likely to turn into a storm for the entire world tennis, which is slowly trying to rise after the forced stop due to a pandemic.

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