Temptation Island: here is the first betrayal


The first temptation on Temptation Island has gone through and a couple seems to have already broken out. The betrayal was carried out by a person who just didn’t expect it, given the description he had made of himself.

Temptation Island has not yet officially started (the first episode, on TV, is scheduled for Thursday 2 July in prime time on Canale 5) and all the colors have already happened. But the most exclaming event of this seventh edition of the program produced by the Charm of Maria De Filippi (the first edition that sees a mix of famous and not famous couples) is definitely the kiss that would have snapped between girlfriend Valeria and the single e tempting Alessandro Basciano.

Temptation Island Ciavy

How her boyfriend will have taken it Ciavy? Imagine not really good. There is also one thing to say: in the presentation of the couple, which took place through a video published on the Instagram profile and on the official website of the program (Wittytv) Valeria she had said that her boyfriend, with whom she has been engaged for 4 years, “wants freedom, but it deprives me of mine. ”

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Did Valeria cheat on Ciavy with a tempter?

Temptation Island Valeria

And here she took her liberty in no time, the two are already become ex boyfriends and they would have said goodbye right in front of the bonfire requested in advance by Ciavy. For him, the attitude of his girlfriend, who has now become ex, would be unacceptable.

If the indiscretions were to be reflected in reality, this edition of the journey into feelings conducted by Filippo Bisciglia would really start with a bang. On the other hand, the conductor had already declared it: the males of this year are really enterprising and fiery …

Who is Alexander the tempter?

Alessandro Basciano

Alexander was one of the suitors of men and women. In the program of Maria De Filippi he wooed Giulia Quattrociocche, who however preferred Daniele to him. He is Nicolò’s father, born in 2016 from the relationship with Clementina Deriu: the bond with her baby’s mother had initially given rise to some doubts about his sincerity in courting the Quattrociocche, but his way of doing had dispelled any doubts.

The appreciation from the public immediately triggered the idea that Alessandro could be one of the next tronisti of the dating show of Queen Mary: for now we should see it precisely at Temptation Island, then you will see how it will end. Even with Valeria …

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