Telegram down in Italy (over 7,000 reports on the rise). Here’s what and where it’s going


Telegram, the most important messaging service in the world after WhatsApp seems not to work properly in Italy but also in many other countries. At the moment it is not clear the problem that does not allow you to send or receive messages but actually on Downdetector it is possible to observe how the reports on system malfunctions are increasing by the minute and come from many countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom but also Spain and especially Russia.

Telegram down: where is it going?

In this case, for Italy the problems seem to include the whole peninsula with greater difficulties in the big cities. In these cases, unfortunately, the application is unable to connect to the main system servers and therefore it is not possible to update your chats. No message is therefore received as no message can be sent.

As always in this case, the first reports on the malfunction with the Hashtag start on Twitter #telegramdown and there are many users who are reporting this. We have no feedback on the reason for this malfunction and especially at the moment still no communication from the system developers. Is it working for you? Tell us where you are and if Telegram works for you.

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