Tax, the “showdown” arrives. A (deadly) tax bail


Go on vacation if you can: leave by train, car or plane. Enjoy a few weeks of relaxation after the hard months spent because of the Coronavirus emergency that forced the whole country to remain closed at home, depriving us of all freedom. Do it, not only to revive the economy in the tourism sector which is among the most affected. Not just to taste that flavor of everyday life that we have lost since March. But above all because a real one is expected from September blow tax. Spending a few carefree days with your family could help you not turn your gaze to what will be a second wave of deadlines.

The effects caused by the Covid-19 tsunami that hit Italy are unfortunately notable: the Giallorossi government, in an attempt to make them as drastic as possible, has launched the Relaunch decree containing urgent measures in the field of health, support to work, all economy and social policies related to the epidemiological emergency. The dl has moved the tax of the past months in September, specifically from 16 onwards. After the summer, the Italian taxpayers will have to answer the calls of the taxman: the payments for payment cards issued until 31 August 2020 by the Revenue Collection Agency and for the good-natured notices will start.

The tax sting

According to what is reported in today’s edition of The truth, taxes will continue to terrify too companies and professionals with revenues or fees not exceeding 50 million euros, who had a decrease in turnover or fees of at least 33% in March and April compared to the same period last year and who had the suspension of payments tax and social security contributions expiring between April and May: by September 16th, everything must be paid. Is there is the shadow of a severe sanction for those who do not pay the taxes not paid between April and May.

After receiving an initial tax concession, tourism companies, sports and entertainment centers will also have to comply with the payment of what has been suspended in the previous months from 16 September. It seems paradoxical but in reality it is the bitter picture of the situation that will occur: those who have suffered strong losses in the months of the emergency Coronavirus will be more involved in paying taxes after the summer. It should also be added that a 2020 has been foreseen 730 with different dates: the deadline for the presentation has been set for September 30th. With the pandemic, both the tax return and the tax form of 730 changed: starting from May 5, the pre-filled version was made available and downloadable.

Between leaks and PVC

Much attention must be paid to article 157 of dl 34/2020: thediscrepancy between issue and notification it will cause some problems as two different deadlines will arise. However, the bodies of the financial administration will forward the Pvc, the last act of the tax audit. The Minutes of verification it must be delivered by the end of October in order to comply with the issue deadline expiring on 31 December 2020. And it must be remembered that until the end of August the recovery operations of the Inland Revenue agency are blocked.

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