tax extension to July 20 (official press release)


Official press release of the Ministry of Economy and Finance: extension to July 20 for ISA taxpayers and flat-rate payments.

There extension has arrived: with a official press release of the MEF a few minutes ago it was announced the extension to next July 20 of income tax for i ISA taxpayers and taxpayers on a flat rate basis.

Here is the official text of the measure:

In order to take into account the impact of the COVID-19 emergency on the operations of smaller taxpayers and, consequently, on the operations of their intermediaries, the Prime Minister’s Decree is being issued which extends the payment deadline for the 2019 balance and the first 2020 advance for income tax and VAT purposes, for taxpayers affected by the application of the Synthetic Reliability Indices (ISA), including those belonging to the flat rate regime.

The payment deadline expiring on 30 June will be extended to 20 July, without payment of interest ”

Income tax extension to 20 July 2020 for ISA taxpayers and flat rates
ISA and flat rate taxpayers will be able to pay income taxes by 20 July 2020 without surcharges: this is what the official MEF press release announced a few minutes ago pending a forthcoming DPCM

To be sure, the expectations of companies, professionals and trade associations were different: an extension to next September 30 was probably expected, as happened last year for different reasons (fortunately) from those that determined the need for this ‘year.

In light of the recent declarations of several members of the parliamentary majority, it seemed that the extension had to be arranged by an amendment that will be approved in the final conversion phase of the Law Decree number 34/2020 (the so-called Relaunch Decree).

Instead, the MEF press release speaks of a forthcoming DPCM; however, it will take a few more days for the extension to become official in the literal sense of the term.

The MEF press release of a few minutes ago also makes no mention of the other deadlines of 30 June, which at the moment must therefore be considered confirmed (among the others, the following deadlines should be noted: LIPE in the first quarter 2020, the VAT declaration and the payment of the chamber right).

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