Tax can block your money


Bank accountThe theme linked to foreclosed bank account is undergoing a great echo on the web over the past few months, generating on some occasions an unjustified panic in all respects, as there is talk of a procedure applied only in rare cases.

The distinction between the distraint of the account by the tax authorities and the block by the bank is a must; in the first case it will be implemented only if the taxpayer has evaded taxes for a long time, in the second instead for defaults or for financial crimes.

In order to avoid unnecessary alarmism, the distraint anyway will not happen from one day to the next, the procedure has been greatly simplified compared to the past, so it will no longer be necessary to go to a Judge to obtain an order for payment, but at the same time the Fisco Sara bound to send one notification at least 60 days before the implementation of the measure.

Foreclosed bank account: how it works

Within this time interval, the taxpayer will be able to decide the most suitable route for his needs Weld your position will indeed be possible pay in installments the payment of tax do not pay, or pay all in one solution.

If, and only if, in the two months, the user does not resolve the problem, then in that case the tax authorities would seize the current account taking automatically tax to be paid, with the addition of interest.

However, we remind you that the procedure described in the article will be activated only after verifying that the taxpayer in question has tax evaded, not for other reasons beyond the aforementioned scope.

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