Tare: ‘No offer from Napoli, Immobile is Lazio. Renewal Inzaghi a priority, we have been close to Giroud. About Milan and Milinkovic … ‘| First page


The sporting director of Lazio Igli Tare intervened in Sky Sport and answered several market questions, starting from the future of the Serie A top scorer Ciro Immobile: “There has never been a request from Napoli. Lazio is still and Lazio is still, I think it will remain for many years“. Sergey too Milinkovic-Savic he is a very coveted player on the market: “The relationship between Milinkovic and Lazio will never die, there is a very strong bond. On this I have no doubt. On the other hand, the situation must be seen and reviewed, the wishes of which we talked together. Each situation will be evaluated at the right time, without any pressure, for the good of both. If there are no offers that will suit him and us, he will gladly stay and we would be happy to keep him. Quote 100? I’m not good at making numbers, he’s a first-rate player. “On the renewal of Inzaghi: “It is a priority, his work is there for all to see. The link with this company goes beyond normal. Nobody feels this shirt any more than he does. “Tare is also very attached to the white and blue colors, but last summer there was the possibility to go away:”I had the opportunity to go to Milan last year, as a child my sympathy was for the Rossoneri. When you have to make a choice, then Lazio is Lazio for me, it’s inside my heart. I can say it with great sincerity, I feel Lazio. My connection with this club is beyond the professional one “.

On Giroud: “I don’t hide it, in the last days of the market we have had the opportunity to bring it to Rome, we have tried to go all the way. Even if he is 34 years old, he is always an intact player, very strong and with great international experience. I got to meet him, to get to know him closely. I got to know first of all a great person, and then a professional. I had sensed that his priority was his stay in London, also for the family. It was a great surprise to meet him. “

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