Tarallo: “Meret’s masterpiece on Ronaldo: Alex the future of Napoli. On Ospina instead …”


Luciano Tarallo, former coach of the goalkeepers of Naples, who spoke on the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo.

Luciano Tarallo, former goalkeeper coach of Naples, intervened live on ‘Punto Nuovo Sport Show’, broadcast with Umberto Chiariello broadcast on Radio Punto Nuovo. Here is what the Channel 21 journalist said: “David Ospina is better with his feet, but just against Inter – after the postponement of the goal – it was a disaster. He made all the wrong passages, it is not clear why to prefer him to Alex Meret. He is a pure talent, he has incredible shots, he is the true goalkeeper of the future of Napoli “.

Then Luciano Tarallo added further statements: “On the goal conceded against Inter by Ospina, on the developments of Eriksen’s corner? The Colombian goalkeeper’s posture was wrong in my opinion. It should have been anteroposterior, with a different posture it would have been easier to react. Alex Meret’s parade on Cristiano Ronaldo? It is quite normal for him to have such an intervention. He was very good at the exit, he really made a masterpiece. ”

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