Tangenti metro Milan, the general manager of ATM: “Employees suspended, we remove meat from the bones”. But it denies a link with the brakes


“The company will leave no stone unturned if the position of these gentlemen is confirmed, we remove the flesh from the bones“. The general manager of ATM, Arrigo Giana, during the council commission of the Municipality of Milan, comments on the investigation into bribes and rigged contracts for work on the subway that led to the arrest of thirteen people, including two municipal employees. One of them is Paolo Bellini, responsible for the ‘signaling and automation systems’ of the metropolitan lines, considered the key figure in the investigation. These people, says Giana again, have been “suspended from service and from pay ”.

However, by answering the questions of the directors, the general manager of the transport company denies a link between the rigged contracts and the problem of the numerous slow braking and sudden of the subway trains. Episodes that have occurred on several occasions in recent years, also causing wounded, enough to convince the Milan prosecutor to open two issues. “To date, for what we have read, we have not found one in the cards direct correlation between the brakes and the unpleasant facts of today, “says Giana, adding that Bellini” was attempted to upset the races, but did not affect the content “.

In a note this morning the Milan prosecutor, Francesco Greco, however, stressed that in the investigation “elements were collected” also regarding an “episode of corruption occurred in 2006 “: it is the contract for the signaling system of the red line M1, the one that has occurred in recent years slow braking. He takes care of the security system ALSTOM, a finished company now investigated in the procurement investigation. Furthermore, in an interception the manager Atm Bellini talks about the work for the “elimination of the doors of quay“Aimed precisely at solving the problem of braking of the convoys: “There is the quay to close and since there is nothing to recover I told him with blowtorch is flexible, two weeks, we dismantle a dock, “says Bellini in March 2019.

For the managing director Giana, however, the topic of braking “has no direct correlation with attempts to disturb the correct running of the races”. In committee he explained: “We contested the producers Technical Problems and directed to these gentlemen of solve them, what that is happening on schedule and in the manner provided, inter alia for the attention of Prosecution. They are technical problems that have one ancient history, are in the process of being solved ”.

Giana’s tones come back hard when it comes to the two Atm employees involved in the investigation: “The company is aggrieved party, we are checking with lawyers how to protect it, “he explained. “We are deepening in these hours, rebuilding all processes and the issues of tenders that are mentioned in this ordinance. We are remakinginternal audit verifying compliance with every procedure envisaged, “added the director general. And again: “We are very much angry, such a thing throws discredit on a company that gave blood. ”

“I didn’t expect it and I have inside a lot of anger because many are doing their part in this difficult time and two officials put you on the cross, “commented the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, host to the broadcast How many Stories on Rai 3. “These people must be turned away, fired, what you can do. If this is so, justice intervenes quickly and penis are also specimens“Added the first citizen.

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