“Talking now about the second wave doesn’t make sense” – Libero Quotidiano


Coronavirus no longer has to worry as early as the pandemic. Alberto Zangrillo, despite the controversy that saw him protagonist, he returns to reiterate it. The head of intensive care at San Raffaele in Milan has chosen The Air That Pulls to launch another warning. “The evidence not only in intensive care but also in emergency rooms leads us to say that the pathological manifestation is in the process of marked fading – he explains to the microphones of Myrta Merlino -. We could soon return to normal life, this emergency situation lasted even too long. If there will be a second wave in September? Anyone who can afford to say ‘there will be a second wave in October or December’ says things that don’t make sense from a scientific point of view. It’s like saying that in Milan in Sant’Ambrogio it will snow ”.

Very clear, for the expert the worst has passed despite his colleagues, including Iss, disagree. Then the hope: “More than people in the stands, I would like to talk about children and schools. Of course it would be nice to see the Genoa steps compact, but I think it would be unintelligent. We wait for the next championship to rejoice and have fun. You can also play in Lombardy with the stadium behind closed doors “.

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