Take the expensive vacation, increase to 20 percent from houses to ferries


ROME – A reopening with an increase included: a 10-day holiday could “cost up to 20 percent more than last year, going from spending per person from € 736 to € 883”. Price increases that do not spare any item: they range from an average increase of 9% for catering, 8% of accommodation, 15% of air transport and 12% of ferries and ships.They are data processed by Codacons. Because sanitizing and distancing has its cost. Not to mention the tourists who will not arrive. Thus, a part of the operators could be tempted to rely on customers to recover the costs incurred to comply with health rules and lost turnover.


The corridors of tourism, a battle for survival

To the increases are added collateral costs, starting with gasoline. How does theConsumer Union it has already increased even if only by a few cents a liter: “Too convenient to bring down the prices while the Italians were forced to stay at home, but as soon as you can start circulating again, the trend is immediately reversed”, says the president, Massimiliano Dona.
For the President of the Balneari Syndicate (Sib) Antonio Capacchione the increases are inevitable: “We calculate that only 20% of Italians will go on holiday and we still don’t know how many foreigners will arrive. And what will happen? The structures that enjoy large spaces, such as those from Veneto or Romagna, while having the costs of sanitization, they will be able to afford not to touch up the tariffs. While where the beaches are not very deep, in Salento, Liguria, on the Tyrrhenian coast, the stations will be reduced by 50%, and there will inevitably be increases. I think: we cannot afford to lose our customers “. Also for the Fipe (public exercises) “the challenge is to bring customers back to the premises”, and there are no such generalized increases. Disagrees Rosario Trefiletti, president of Centro Consumatori Italia: “We have seen an increase in leopard spots especially in bars in Northern Italy, between 10 and 15 percent, while in the Center or in the South prices have not changed”.For the time being, there has been a substantial shift in demand from hotels to apartments: for the Casa.it site, quadrupled requests for rental homes with swimming pools in Sicily, Liguria and Tuscany, but also greater interest in places such as Valtellina (+234 %), Bormio (+ 157%) or Cernobbio (+ 71%). “Tourists who preferably turned to foreign destinations and this year remain in Italy opt for the housing solution compared to the hotel for a greater sense of protection. – confirms Luca Dondi, Nomisma analyst -. It is premature to say whether it will result in higher prices. It’s more likely to happen for the high end, which can afford above-average amenities, such as the pool. ”

To the carovacanze are added the increases for those who will stay in the city: the controversy over increases by hairdressers and beauticians (of 20-25 percent for both Codacons and the Consumer Center Italy) has been in recent days. “I was charged 10 euros more for kimonos and slippers”, he reports to Codacons an associate from Catania. “I made an appointment with the beautician and there was an increase of 10 euros for the disposable kit”, they report in the Modena area. Confartigianato has launched an appeal that merchants not raise tariffs to recover what they have lost in lockdown: “Consolidate customer loyalty”.


Everything stopped except the prices. The increase in fruit and vegetables changes the spending bill

Then there is the cost related to the basic necessities: between February and May, calculate theConsumer Union, the price of fresh fruit increased by 12.8%, that of frozen vegetables by almost 5%, that of potatoes by 4.4%, that of ready meals by 3.1%, home cleaning products more 3.4%. In the face of inflation almost stopped, which between February and May marked an almost imperceptible rise of 0.1%, the shopping cart instead started to run. Computers, printers, telephony also rose sharply: the “package” smart working.

Smart working, the change that promises to change our lives

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