Tacopina boccia Pallotta: “We need passion. I hope Roma sell it to someone who will bring it back up”


Joe Tacopina, former vice president of Rome and now major shareholder of Venice, wanted to have his say on the last, controversial interview released by Pallotta. Below are his statements to Teleradiostereo.

Tacopina, we contacted her to talk about the AS Roma situation. For some years he was an important manager of the club: what memories do you have of this experience?
It is a still alive link, my blood is yellow and red, Roma is the team of my heart. When I became the club vice president, it was one of the best days of my life.

Speaking of Pallotta, the president does not have a great relationship with the fans: what did he do wrong? Are you still in contact with James?
I remember a moment of great emotion, when the South displayed a banner for me, something so beautiful that it made my dad cry for the first time. Rome is not just a football team to manage, you need to connect with people, you need passion. Pallotta is a very good manager, he has money, but to take care of Rome you need time, you need passion to win this challenge. It is not enough to come to Rome once every two months, spend three days here and go away. You need time and passion.

In ten years of American management, no trophies have arrived.
It is something that kills me because I started this project. I was already working for Rome in 2008 with Soros and with Unicredit Fiorentino. Then we did it with Baldissoni and DiBenedetto in 2011.
I am very surprised that Roma did not win anything, it makes me feel bad. The club has spent a lot, has often had teams that cost a lot, at the level of a Champions League team, to not even win a “Berlusconi” trophy or an Italian Cup, it’s incredible.

These are crucial days for the sale of the company: what is your opinion?
I hope it will be sold to a group that can bring Roma back up, that can return to aspire to win the championship and be competitive for the Champions League. If there was an opportunity, I would also be honored to return to make a contribution. Of course, Covid has influenced the evaluation of the club, which in this period has devalued by 20-25%. What Pallotta could ask for in January cannot be cashed out now.

Do you know Friedkin and his team? Could he be a good owner for Roma?
I do not go into the merits out of respect for the fans and the protagonists of the story. I went there, I know the passion of the people and the interest of the Roman press. For once in my life I say to myself: “Shut up.”

You are also Chico Forti’s lawyer, we know it’s a really delicate situation, but what can you tell us about it?
I have been fighting for Chico for 7 years. In these hours I have returned to Italy, because I had a meeting with Foreign Minister Di Maio to address the issue. With each passing day, we do a huge wrong in justice.
I promise you that Chico will soon be in Italy, but not to serve his sentence in a prison in Trento, but to return as a man free from his family.

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