Syracuse with zero contagions, here is the Covid free province


No new infections since May 25, no victims since May 27, zero hospitalizations since June 4 and all recovered from June 6. Syracuse is the first Covid free province of Sicily: to date no positive. A result achieved – according to the top of the ASP – thanks to the early intervention on patients.But it is still too early to declare the end of the pandemic: for the World Health Organization 28 days are needed in zero infections, only 19. Last Trapani had celebrated the end of the pandemic since 28 days had passed since the last contagion (equivalent to two incubation cycles), but after a few hours 4 new positives were registered (all returned from outside the region).
Among the Sicilian provinces, Catania remains the one with the highest number of current positives: there are 399. Palermo follows with 254 and Messina with 122. At a distance there are Agrigento (32), Trapani (17), Caltanissetta (13), Enna and Ragusa ( 8 each).According to the health director of the ASP of Syracuse, Anselmo Madeddu, among the reasons for the success early hospitalization in the first phase and home therapy with the institution of the Usca (the territorial Cvid teams) at a later time. “This is a result that will not only reach Syracuse, several provinces are close to achieving it thanks to the regional direction,” says Madeddu.

This goal was also achieved thanks to the changing course of therapies: “At the beginning – said the health director – the WHO recommendations said that Covid patients who were not serious should only be treated with tachipirine. Then we realized that on the tenth day the situation worsened and many patients ended up in ICU. Eventually in Italy it was discovered that the problem of complications was linked not so much to the classic interstitial pneumonia caused by the virus but to the pulmonary venous thromboembolism that makes it unnecessary to ventilate the lungs where the blood does not reach due to the thrombi. So the therapy changed with the introduction of heparin and cortisone to mitigate the cytokine storm. When it became clear that action had to be taken early, even at home, the scenario changed. “

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