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Susanna Ceccardi, MEP, former mayor of Cascina (in Pisano), is the unitary candidate of the center-right for the position of President of the Tuscany Region.

Salvini is a fan of hers, she reciprocates gratefully, but she is also a fan of pepper spray, she knows how to be recognized. We remember her as a regular guest of Announo by Michele Santoro (she was young, she was determined) intent on expressing thoughts like this: «Those who accuse me of keeping more to the life of a chihuahua than to the life of an immigrant, do not understand that chihuahuas do not land at thousands on our shores ».

When he becomes mayor, he refuses to hang the photo of the President of the Republic, because “Mattarella is a legacy of the Ancien Régime”. Over the years it has distinguished itself for the fight against civil union of gay couples (“The registration of homosexual lovers”), for migrants, for those who help migrants and for an exquisite feminist sensitivity: “Violence is part of man and woman is part of nature ». Let them lead!

It also replaced the Foreign Ministry’s Crisis Unit to recover Italians on holiday in the Canary Islands, stranded for the coronavirus emergency.

The love of the fairy tale. Chihuahuas are small dogs with large hearts and indomitable courage, they have only one small flaw: they believe what we tell them.

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