Surveys, the League returns. Pd grows and Italy lives, the M5s goes down. 57% confidence in Count (-2 points) and his list would be worth 12%


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In the week of the beginning of phase 3 of the health emergency, the voting intentions photographed in the Ixè survey for White paper they show a substantial “stability of the power relations between the government area and the center-right opposition”. The positive rebound of the League, which had instead been registered the previous week: Salvini’s party stops at 25% with a drop of 0.3, offset by the slight consolidations of Brothers of Italy (from 14.3 to 14.4%) e Come on Italy (From 7.4 to 7.6%). Redistribution of consents also in the government team, with the Democratic Party (21.4%) recovering 0.5 percent and the Renzians of Italia Viva (1.9%) up 0.4. The M5s fell by 17.5% from 17.2% and the Left by 2.4 from 2%.

As for the hypothesis of a list instead Giuseppe Conte, in the event of early elections, at this time it would collect 12.1% of the votes. Support would come mainly from M5s (3.7 percent) and from the center-left (2.5 from the Democratic Party and o, 9 from other forces of the center-left), but with a good ability to attract votes also from the center-right (2 percent) and from theabstention area (3%). This potential, observes the Ixè institute, is accompanied by a small, but now confirmed for about a month, erosion of the government’s approval (55%): the relative increase in criticism on pandemic management is discounted: 61% rated the government’s actions in an emergency as positive, but this share reached 71% a month ago.

Same trend also for Conte’s confidence, which, compared to seven days ago, lost two points (from 59 to 57%). As for the consensus in the leaders, they follow: Giorgia Meloni (down 1 point, from 34 to 33%) e Matteo Salvini stable at 30. Both two points lose Luigi Di Maio and Nicola Zingaretti (from 27 to 25%). Queued: grows Silvio Berlusconi (from 22 to 23), while it is stable in last position with 10 percent of the consents Matteo Renzi.

Finally, the Ixè institute tried to probe the interviewees on the practical effects of theCoronavirus emergency. As for the Immune against infections app, 52% of the people surveyed said they had no intention of downloading it. While, observes Ixè, “the effects on tourism of the pandemic are tangible: only a third of Italians, at the moment, express their intention to go on vacation, while half already have the certainty of not leaving and 17% still don’t know what they will do. ”

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