“Surreal phrases, I don’t care about your apologies” – Libero Quotidiano


In the interview granted to Massimo Giletti to It is not the Arena broadcast on La7 on Sunday 31 May, Luca Palamara he also explained the sentences on Matteo Salvini, defined in the interceptions a “mer ***” to attack even if he is right. “I used an improper expression on the former minister – it was his justification – I didn’t want to offend him. But that sentence does not faithfully reflect the thought, it is de-contextualized, we wanted to protect the prosecutor who investigated “. Phrases that, let’s face it, leave the time they find.

And the League secretary followed the episode with interest It is not the Arena, reserving a comment the following day: “From Palamara surreal statements. I and the Italians don’t care late apology or words concern facts: magistrates promoted for political affiliation (almost always on the left) and not for skill, endless trials, innocent in jail and guilty outside “. Clear reference to currents system which Palamara brutally described: “There is an urgent need for a real reform of justice – added Salvini – but to do it requires a government and a minister capable of doing it”. Finally a joke on the trial that awaits him in Catania next October for the case of the ship Gregoretti: “Worried after what came out? Absolutely not, I am convinced that I have blocked landings for the good of the Italians, I did it and I will do it again. ”

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