Surgical masks, Brusaferro (Iss): “No to reuse, maximum 6 hours of effectiveness”


Passengers at the station (Ansa)
Rome, June 4, 2020 – “Surgical masks they can also be used for prolonged use 2 to 6 hours but there is no evidence to guarantee this safe reuse“And not even the reconditioning. For those of the community” it depends on the material with which they are made “but these” have no filtering power, they only act as a barrier “. These are the indications of the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanit√† (Iss) Silvio Brusaferro, at a hearing in the Commission of Inquiry on Waste.

Brusaferro also warned of the overuse of disinfectants. “Where there are surfaces that are sanitized with a certain frequency, the virus is easily inactivated, but one must be very careful do not overdo it because excessive disinfection they can also bring side effects, especially if done continuously. It is therefore necessary to do them appropriately, with the correct active ingredients, in the right concentration, and the risk of the surface must also be assessed. In short, we need to find the right balance “.

From the Minister of the Environment It costs then comes the invitation to make a greater use of washable masks. “On the disposal of the masks, as far as the surgical type is concerned, the rules imposed by the rules apply, in fact there is a specific path. While for what is for family use, we try to use the reusable ones, washable and sanitizable in the home. They can be used ten or fifteen times by one person, so that a couple apiece a month is enough, “said Costa, who recalled that he had reached agreements with Federfarma to collect masks in front of pharmacies, especially in large cities.

“There are 22 Italian companies that have signed contracts with us, they will provide us with 1 billion 876 million masks, in the next few days we will add another 4. And so we will exceed 2 billion masks Italians “, underlined the emergency commissioner for Coronavirus Domenico Arcuri, which also has. stressed that “the average cost of these masks is 42 cents, that is, nine cents lower than the discounted price. 85 days ago there was no mask made in Italy. ”

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