Superbonus, proposed spending ceiling of 130 thousand euros for the seismic safety


04/06/2020 – Raise the spending ceiling of the sismabonus boosted from 96 thousand to 130 thousand euros and extend the superbonus to all second homes, or at least to those present in small municipalities and historic centers. These are the proposed amendments that the 5 Star Movement intends to present to the Relaunch Decree, to the Chamber for conversion into law.

Changes that, explains the M5S from his blog, if they do not pass, will be reintroduced in the next Budget Law.

Sismabonus and restructuring bonus, spending ceiling of 130 thousand euros

One of the proposals concerns the increase, from 96 thousand to 130 thousand euros, of the spending ceiling foreseen for the sismabonus and for the restructuring bonus, provided that the interventions determine the transition to two lower seismic risk classes.

The M5S proposes the same increase for the enhanced seismabonus in the earthquake areas of Central Italy, Molise, Sicily, Campania and Emilia Romagna. In this case, it seems that the transition to two lower seismic risk classes is not required.

As regards the sismabonus, the increased spending ceiling almost certainly refers to the 110% deduction. For the restructuring bonus, the spending cap should continue to refer to the 50% deduction. The Relaunch Decree, in fact, raised the rate of deduction to 110% only for energy efficiency improvement and seismic improvement or adaptation, but not for works incentivized with the restructuring bonus.

Superbonus for all second homes

The M5S proposes to extend the Superbonus to all second homes, or at least to those in the municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants and in the historical centers of cities that are in a state of decay to counter the abandonment of small municipalities and encourage urban redevelopment .

The DL Relaunch, published in the Gazzetta, recognizes the superbonus for the seismic safety measures to all the second houses, regardless of whether they are in a condominium or that they are individual single-family buildings. On the contrary, only the second houses in the condominium are allowed to the increased incentive for the energy requalification.The idea of ​​extending the Superbonus to all second homes finds support from the Democratic Party. In recent days, a note released by the Democratic Party explained that “for to give greater strength and impetus to this initiative and to involve the entire SME sector, these benefits must also be extended to second homes, starting with those in the ancient villages and historical centers of the cities, and at legal entities who have activities in condominiums. “

In the conversion phase, the presence of the necessary hedges will be assessed.

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