Superbonus 110% for all second homes and hotels until 2022: majority amendment


Superbonus 110% to all second non-luxury homes until 2022: the majority amendment

Extension of theecobonus 110% to second homes but not luxury ones, but also to sports facilities and hotels (with an increase in resources) until the end of 2022. An amendment by the majority to the Relaunch Decree deposited in the Budget Committee in the Chamber provides for this. Changes strongly desired by the Democratic Party, the M5S and Leu to further improve one of the key measures of the measure to revive the economy after the Covid-19 emergency. In detail according to the proposal – also supported by the Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council Riccardo Fraccaro, who dealt with the measure included in the decree – the eco-bonus would be applicable to all the first houses and second houses, non-condominium and non-luxury.

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«We have done a great job» underlines with the Adnkronos the deputy Pd Martina Nardi, among the signatories of the proposed modification. «The majority met and tried to make important changes to the text, finding the right synergy, so it is a great success that consolidates the government. Less quarrels and more common amendments, as in this case represent an auspicious model for future work “.

In detail, the 110% deduction would apply to expenses incurred from July 1, 2020 and until December 31, 2022 to be divided into five equal annual installments in cases, among others, of thermal insulation; on the common parts of buildings for the replacement of heating systems with centralized systems for heating, cooling or the supply of condensing domestic hot water, with efficiency at least equal to the class A of product. Furthermore, in condominiums where it is not possible, the deduction applies to the individual property unit. In the text approved by the government, single-family houses, not used as main homes, were admitted to 110 percent for seismic works but not for energy requalification. Now this gap is filled, with the exception of the cadastral category residences A / 1, A / 8 and A / 9 (stately homes, villas and castles). In addition, the maxi-deduction is extended temporally by one year, until the end of 2022. The facility is also full for photovoltaics and for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

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