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His name is Francesco Salerno, he is a Naples supporter, he comes from Torre Annunziata as Ciro Immobile, he is 20 years old and plays in Mantovano. A feat put him in contact with the greatest

The gesture is the same. A reversal that deserves a prize. Indeed a shirt. One of the most coveted in the world football scene. That of the Portuguese Juventus champion Cristiano Ronaldo.

From Torre Annunziata

Francesco Salerno, born under the sign of cancer in July 2000, is a football patient. With an illustrious fellow citizen, one who sees the door at any time and from any angle, the top scorer of the Ciro Immobile championship playing in Lazio. Francesco comes as Ciro from Torre Annunziata. Also like Stefano De Martino the husband of Belen Rodriguez. But he preferred football to the show, as a great Napoli fan. He tried to emulate Immobile and now plays as a striker in the Governolese in Excellence (Lombardy in the Mantua). Dream of a future in football.

The gesture

Before the coronavirus took over the world, Francesco Salerno scored an overhead goal that more than one friend noticed. In addition to the very popular dad Mario. Evidently there are those who made the rumor come to him, at CR7 who scored that extraordinary goal in reverse at the Allianz Stadium in Turin in April 2018 when he was still wearing the Real Madrid shirt. He was also applauded by all the bianconeri. Who would later become his companions after a few months.

The surprise ending

Cristiano liked the technical gesture of the striker from Torre Annunziata to such an extent that a few days ago Francesco saw a Juventus signed package arrive at home. He opened it, amazed, and found the champion’s shirt with a dedication: “For Francesco, great goal”. An incredible emotion. A fairy tale. Of those who love football and its protagonists.

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