“Suning has a mission, now the bar must be raised. Cup and shield in viewfinder”


Other words from Beppe Marotta, always at Gazzetta dello Sport. This time we talk about field goals.

Will Inter of the next championship start on a par with Juve or still running up?

“I don’t look at others. With the advent of Conte, growth has been noticed, on a cultural and sporting level. Now there is no need to set limits, the bar must be raised. We are continuing the mission of the Suning property. We want to win” .

Well, now you have the Italian Cup opportunity.

“We see it in front of us, even if at the moment a bit from a distance. We must try to take hold of that trophy.”

Do you believe in the Scudetto?

“I have seen the team very charged in training, like its manager: I was pleased. In such an anomalous championship, anything can happen. We know the strength of the opponents, but we must have ambition. Then we will need favorable circumstances, such as not having accidents at key moments “.

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