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The coronavirus will also circulate in the summer, but do not panic: children and young people can spend fun holidays without danger. The important thing will be to respect some rules. Those that the Italian Pediatric Society drew up. Here they are:

1. Sociability
We must not give it up. Children and young people will have to continue dating their peers, but it is better that they do so in homogeneous groups, always the same friends, in order to reduce the possibility that there is some carrier of the virus. Furthermore, in case of contagion, it will be easier to trace the contacts. So yes to lunches and snacks from home safely.

2. Hygiene rules
It is important not to neglect hand hygiene. Especially for the little ones, you have to teach not to put your hands to your mouth or rub your eyes when you have touched more things. And wash your hands often.

3. Speak, speak, speak

Kids and teens need to be aware of what’s going on. The situation we are experiencing will accompany us for many months, even during the return to school and the future winter. It is therefore useful that parents instill awareness and give clear messages to their children, without these being terrorists.

4. Masks, no danger. Beware of fake news
Better to keep the social distance instead of relying on the sense of security that the mask infuses, but beware of fake news: the latter can easily be worn and it is not true that it hurts the little ones. Those who wear it for several hours a day do not risk an oxygen deficiency. The mask does not weaken the immune system and does not alter the intestinal flora. Prolonged use does not lead to alkalosis as the amount of carbon dioxide breathed by a healthy child wearing the surgical mask is almost imperceptible. Having said that, the mask is not mandatory for all children. Those under the age of 6 and those with disabilities who are not compatible with its prolonged use are exempted from wearing it.

5. Yes to the beach and mountain walks
No contraindication to go to the sea, indeed. During the summer periods, viral forms such as those of the coronavirus have less dangerous transmission methods than in the autumn or winter periods, when living indoors and there is more humidity. Being outdoors, in a hot and dry climate, makes transmission through droplets of saliva more difficult. Same thing for the mountains and for summer camps.

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