Summer 2020, the borders reopen: this is where you can travel


Leave yes, but for where? The whole world is a great unknown, even now that it has started Phase 3 and the reopening of the borders after theCovid emergency. L’Europe looks like a leopard, although the budget of the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, after the diplomatic tour between Berlin, Ljubljana and Athens can be said to be positive: I’m happy – he said yesterday at the end of Athens summit with colleague Nikos Dendias – that the minister reassured me that the Greece will open up to Italy by the end of the month, eliminating any quarantine obligation, with the commitment also to evaluate, based on the data, a reopening already in the coming weeks.

The confirmation came from Dendias himself: From next Monday the Greece gradually remove the limitations. Thus only a bad memory will remain, the obligation of isolation provided by the Greek government for the Lombards, Piedmontese and Venetians.
And always from June 15, epidemiological data permitting, even the slovenia open the borders to Italians: no more quarantine or other restrictions. In the neighbor Croatiainstead, it is already possible to enter from May 29: the only condition for the Italian tourist to present himself at the border equipped with the booking in a hotel or other facility. However, the news is not over: after many controversies, according to an anticipation of the Viennese newspaper Der Standard, even theAustria, at the dawn of June 16, that is, next Tuesday, the border with Italy will reopen and so will return free movement at the Brenner pass.


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Date watershed, June 15: apart from the France, where already now you can go freely, until that day also the entrances in Germany they will be allowed only to those who pass through them, to those who reside there or for health and work reasons. Until June 15, then, tourism is not recommended Finland while on the contrary in Holland, where everything is already free, from that day the advice for tourists to isolate themselves will no longer be valid.
Until June 15 flights with the Morocco and the Poland and for now there are no direct flights even with Russia, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Madagascar. Flights to Portugal, a nation unreachable at the moment, also considering the closure of the land border with the Spain. In fact, the government of Madrid is extremely cautious, until June 21st, unless extended, Italian tourists will not be allowed to enter. Until that date, only those who reside or work there may travel to Spain.


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Travel for tourism, again, is not recommended in Sweden, while they remain impossible in Norway (connections with Italy suspended until August 15) and in Denmark, which will remove the entry ban for those who are not German, Norwegian or Icelandic only from August 31. dall ‘June 8Furthermore, the quarantine obligation for those entering the UK (obligation also in Brazil and French Polynesia). And the same restriction applies to those wishing to undertake a trip in Slovakia, A country that will now allow 16 EU members to move freely again, Italy excluded. Finally, at least until June 15 serve a certificate of non-positivity (just like he wanted to do in Sardinia Governor Solinas) to enter Czech Republic, while in Hungary to date, people only enter for work or health reasons. But with a police pass.

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