Substitutes for teachers 2020, clash on numbers. For the Minister 109 thousand, the unions say 187 thousand, and the League over 200 thousand


It is a clash over the numbers of the substitutes, the controversy starts from an interview published this morning by Sole24Ore during which the Minister provided some numbers of statistical data.

The data provided by the Minister

According to the Minister, the data updated to 30 September 2019 give 109,195 fixed-term contracts (27,563 until 31 August and 81,632 until 30 June), of which over 44 thousand on support and 2020/21 “at most the number could be equal, if don’t decrease, ”he said.

The numbers according to the League

Numbers that do not agree with Senator Pittoni who in a statement states: “in the 2019/20 school year there were more than 38,000 annual substitutions and almost 150,000 substitutions until the end of the activities, to which the coverage of retirement 2020/21 will be added (about 27,000). We are therefore well over the 200,000 units of precarious teaching staff who are preparing to use the next school year ”

The unions

The unions, for their part, have disclosed an infographic that differs from the numbers provided by the Minister. In fact, the substitutes would have been overall, in relation to the teachers, 187 thousand. Find the infographic at the bottom of the article

Ministry interventions

Among the measures put in place by the Ministry, the Quick Call, of which today the draft decree has been anticipated by our editorial staff. In this way, with the next hiring, it will be possible for teachers to choose a different region from the one in which they are enrolled in the ranking. The goal is to bring supply and demand closer together, allowing teachers who live in areas with saturated rankings to be hired in regions where there is a shortage of teachers.

The hires must be made by September 20 and will have legal value from September 1. A “shock” to the shortage of teachers could have come from the extraordinary competition for temporary workers, with the coverage of 33 thousand teachers in three years, which would have, if nothing else, curbed the chronic shortage of teachers in some areas of the country, but the operations insolvencies were moved in the autumn following an amendment accepted in the school decree just approved in the Senate.

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