Submachine gun and pistol: thus the couple presides over the villa from the demonstrators


Very high voltage in Missouri. The devastation and vandalism that Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other American far-left organizations – in total silence from the progressive media – have brought to bear is leading many Americans to exasperation and heightened social tensions, with dangerous and reckless gestures. And so in St. Louis, in the heart of Missouri, husband and wife decided to defend themselves and wield weapons in defense of their neighborhood threatened by the anti-racist protests of these weeks that are inflaming America following the – terrible – murder of George Floyd (watch the video). The owner of a Renaissance-style home located in the luxurious Central West End neighborhood has been immortalized in a video become soon viral on Twitter while barefoot he holds a semi-automatic weapon with his wife, who points a gun at the procession of protesters. According to reports in the American media, the couple was facing about 300 demonstrators alone.

The video posted on Twitter shows the woman pointing the weapon at demonstrators heading for Mayor Krewson’s home to ask for his resignation after the latter had disclosed the names of the residents who had asked to dismantle the local police force. . As the agency reports Adnkronos, the protesters are part of the movement “Expect Us” that “calls for action against violence against African Americans“. Even the US President Donald Trump he relaunched the video on his twitter account without comment. A tweet that Trump, overwhelmed by criticism, had to remove in a few hours, with the White House explaining that the president had not listened to the audio of the video before retweeting it.
But the situation in many states and certainly not only in Missouri, after the death of George Floyd, continues to be incandescent. As reported on New York Post, the New Yorker leader of Black Lives Matter he said in an interview with Fox News that if its movement does not get the changes it expects, it will “burn the system”. “If this country does not give us what we want, we will burn this system and replace it. All right? And I could speak figuratively. I could speak literally. It is a matter of interpretation“Hawk Newsom said. The interviewer asked Newsom what she hoped to achieve Black Lives Matter through violence.”Wow, it’s interesting that you ask this question this way “, replied Newsome, “because this country is built on violence. What was the American Revolution? What is our diplomacy around the world?“.

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