Stunning Unreal Engine 4 with this MOD ray tracing created by an Italian


MODs – if done right – they can really change a game, transforming it into something much better than the original. We have seen dozens of graphic MODs that transform individual titles into almost photorealistic products, just think of GTA V, Skyrim and many others.

You will surely remember Giulio Maria “MassiHancer“Guglielmi, an Italian boy known for his graphic MOD. We told you about that of Battlefront, but MassiHancer also worked on a MOD ray tracing of DOOM Eternal and several others. His works have always impressed and left us breathless, and today he has decided to offer us another simply stunning MOD.

Giulio Maria he actually tried to improve the original Tech Demos of the Unreal Engine 4, introducing ray tracing and several other things. He himself said:

I have tried to exploit the potential of the program to the limit Reshade and the “RT Shader“Beta of”Pascal Glitcher“And I added many other shaders created and modified ad Hoc to enhance the lighting effects of both direct and indirect lights, or the”Global illumination

The result is that the lighting and shadows cast on all objects are much more realistic and three-dimensional also thanks to the use of “ambient occlusion”.

I also used a particular technique to get one COLOR GRADING very similar to that seen in the EU5 Tech Demo
They have also been improved or added Realistic reflexes and many other cinematic effects such as: the shallow depth of field, the Gaussian Blur and i Lens Flares.
The Ray Tracing screen space also interacts with all the cinematic effects present in the tech demo, improving its visual rendering as in the case of explosions and particle effects.

Above you can find the video – strictly in 4K – complete divided into three parts, each of which presents the Tech Demo: “Elemental”, “The Cave” and “Realistic Rendering” with and without the MOD created by MassiHancer. Giulio Maria also specified that we should pay attention to the last part of the video:

In the last part of the video you can notice the effect RT G.I. which is very impactful, and the realism that is obtained largely justifies the hardware requests necessary for its use.

In fact, you need a 2080 rtx to make it turn around 60 in native 4k.

A valuable work that once again exalts the skill of this boy, who knows what he will give us with next generation games, honestly we can’t wait to see his new mods.

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