Storm on Djokovic: his colleagues attack him severely for the outbreak in tennis


There is a new hotbed in tennis: it’s called Adria Tour. It is the number 1 in the world Novak Djokovic who is (also) the organizer of the series of tournaments in the former Yugoslavia, now he risks the hunt for the greaser. After participating in the Croatian stage is the former number 3 in the world Grigor Dimitrov (now 19) either Borna Coric (33), tested positive for coronavirus, while the positivity of Viktor Troicki (184) who had played the Belgrade stage instead. With them the Dimitrov coach, Chris Groh, and – it seems, but the interested party does not comment – also Djokovic’s technical trainer, the Roman Marco Panichi.

Cilic and Rublev in voluntary isolation

Djokovic from Zadar, where the final was canceled, returned to Belgrade to be tested with the whole family, promising to make the outcome public. In Montenegro it will certainly not be played, the rest of the Tour is in doubt. Zverev, Thiem is Cilic they are all negative, but Cilic, as well as Russian Rublev, went into voluntary isolation for two weeks. “We must act responsibly»Says the Croatian. “I apologize for the problems I have caused», Writes Dimitrov from Montecarlo, with mask and hat. “I want to make sure that everyone I’ve been in contact with these days is being tested and taking the necessary precautions». It was better to think about it first.

All the crazy choices of the Adria Tour

Maybe avoiding also play basketball with a team of Zara, happily giving high five under the basket. LeBron James two days ago he said he was ready for a one-on-one con Djokovic, but he will be thinking about it. Already the images arrived last week from Belgrade, with the grandstands stuffed with audience without mask, the soccer match among tennis players, the disco parties with Novak shirtless, had not been encouraging. “We have respected all the measures required by the governments of Serbia and CroatiaHe defends himself Djordje Djokovic, director of the Adria Tour and brother of Novak, but because of many, too many lightnesses now tennis is likely to stop again.

Colleagues’ criticisms of Djokovic

And assorted and justified criticisms rain on the Djoker. “The performance was a stupid idea – attack Nick KyrgiosI wish my colleagues a speedy recovery, but this is what happens when the protocols are not respected». “Apparently there is a pandemic“Ironically ex n.1 Andy Roddick. It must be said that Djokovic in this pandemic is definitely not guessing one of them no-vax exits, the nonsense on power of the mind which purifies water and criticism of the security measures of next Us Open. He is the representative of the players, but he chaps the web meetings for play football, pecking at colleagues’ reproaches also for criticisms of the security measures designed for the US Open («but in what world do you live?»). Also Dishes yesterday criticized him: «Novak is the number 1 in the world and must lead by example, I’m sorry but that’s not a good thing». Djokovic’s parentsin return, in recent days they attacked Federer giving him someenvious (dad Srdjan) and dell ‘arrogant (mom Dijana). As a sympathy operation, for the tennis player who would like to be loved, definitely a failure. A inexplicable drift, for a very strong champion, committed to social issues, never banal. But feeling unbeatable on the field does not make him immune either: from mistakes and responsibility towards others.

Coronavirus, world tennis is shaking

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