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TORINO. «No more tampons». Better: just rely on the control swabs, used to diagnose the healing of those who had contracted the coronavirus. The request is contained in the letter that the Regional Crisis Unit sent to the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) and to the Technical Scientific Committee of the National Civil Protection. Objective: to review the criteria for healing and suspension of home insulation.

An articulated communication, signed by the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency Vincenzo Coccolo, Roberto Testi (president of the regional technical-scientific committee), Gian Alfonso Cibinel (coordinator of the Ps / Dea Area of ​​the Crisis Unit) and Flavio Boraso (health coordinator of the same Unit). At the bottom, the signature of the twenty members of the Subalpine Scientific Committee.

Serious stuff, being a delicate topic. Currently the subjects who have contracted the infection are to be considered completely cured, and no longer required to isolate, only after the regression of the symptomatology and the execution of two negative virological molecular tests (editor’s note: the swabs), at least at a distance 24 hours. While the data of the scientific literature, confirmed by the analysis of the data on about 250 thousand swabs carried out in Piedmont on 168 thousand patients, have highlighted two aspects: in an important percentage of clinically healed and asymptomatic subjects, virological tests remain positive for many weeks ( up to 6-8) from regression of symptoms; nor is the finding of repositioning after two negative tests tested.

The numbers of swabs performed on positive subjects registered on the regional platform are valid: with peaks of 12. Personal cases are even more emblematic: like that of a mayor of Valsusa, in isolation for 58 days following swabs that continue to give positive results .

Besides, the tampons, at this stage, would leave the time they find. “As known, the positivity of virological tests does not identify the presence of potentially infectious viruses in the organic materials collected from patients – explains the letter -. The scientific data available attest to the possibility of obtaining positive viral cultures only in the first 10 days of the onset of symptoms “.

This is the reason why the health regulatory bodies of the European Union and of many countries (including the USA and Canada) consider for the closure of the period of isolation criteria that refer to the time elapsed since the onset and from the regression / reduction of symptoms : “It means reducing the period of isolation for many patients without significant health risks and reserving swabs to test symptoms and tight contracts.” “A proposal with solid scientific bases – remarks Dr Cibinel -, which would have very positive consequences from a social and economic point of view”. No response from the ISS, for now.

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