“Stop, I’m a carabiniere.” And they massacre him with a chair


Three in the morning. Piazzale Loreto area in Milan. In a bar, a group of people trigger a violent brawl. One of many, you will say. Maybe. But not for the dramatic epilogue. Shortly afterwards, in fact, the fight turns into brutal aggression. At least eight of the contenders circle one carabineer and they beat him to death, forcing him to run to the hospital in yellow code.

Two different sources of the Giornale.it, both qualified, agree on the basic information of this story. Everything takes place in a short time, lightning in the Milanese night. Around 3 in the morning the fight starts. On site there is a chief marshal of the carabinieri in force to the III Regiment Lombardia. He is 50 years old. It is not in service. But duty calls and when he sees the violence begin he decides to intervene to quell the hot spirits. He approaches the contenders and shows the badge, qualifying as a carabiniere. At that point, the aggression. According to what appears in the Giornale.it, at least 8-10 people, probably foreigners, would have struck him with bats, kicks and pugliese. “They knocked him out,” says a source. Fortunately, the marshal manages not to let the pistol slip out of his trousers. Around 3.50 am the ambulance intervened on the spot decides to transfer the military to the Fatebenefratelli in yellow code. One of the contenders, however, a 31-year-old foreigner, was brought to San Raffaele. The military got the worst of it: as far as we know Giornale.ithe would have suffered injuries to his face, head and hemithorax. He would have been saved, they say, because of his massive size. “Otherwise it would have ended much worse.”

The intervention is immediately reported to the 112 operations center as an ongoing fight with gunmen. Several law enforcement cars are on the scene and the hunt for participants in the violent brawl begins immediately. The investigation will now be carried out by the Milan Radio Operational Unit. The accusations are of multi-aggravated brawl, serious personal injury, resistance and violence to public officials.

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