Stock exchanges advance, China on a rally. What happens?


THE markets today they have come to terms with the macroeconomic data that has come from China and have left fears regarding the escalation of tension between Washington and Beijing, perhaps momentarily.

Specifically, the Asian stock exchanges inaugurated the new session of the new week with quite evident rises, but it was mainly the Chinese indices that left you speechless.

Apparently, on the markets today, the skepticism and fear that had characterized the past sessions, during which investors had looked with bated breath at the complicated Hong Kong situation.

Markets today: what happens to Asia?

According to numerous observers, the markets may have raised their heads today macroeconomic data on the Chinese economy which over the weekend signaled a new expansion of industrial activity in May.

On the other hand, the Dragon indexes recorded the best performances today, which achieved progressions of over 2 and even 3 percentage points.

No less brilliant the advance of theHang Seng in Hong Kong, which earned over 3% and proved to be the best in Asia.

Even outside of China, however, markets today have leaked signs of relaxation. As noted by Vishnu Varathan, head of economics and strategy of the Mizuho Bank, Trump’s threats have not been (at least at the moment) followed by real worrying actions, so that the fears have diminished. The president, among other things, has not even withdrawn the agreement on Phase 1, which has allowed the stock exchanges to breathe a sigh of relief.

Towards the end of the session on Nikkei it eroded the earnings of the afternoon while remaining up by more than half a percentage point, while the South Korea continued to trade with progressions of around 1.5%.

Above parity too Australia and New Zealand, the former more in shape than the latter.

Markets today partially dispelled fears about US-China relations. However, the situation will continue to be monitored with constant attention.

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