Stevie Wonder against racism in a video posted on Twitter


The legendary musician, already known for his political commitment, expressed himself in a video message about “systemic racism” in the US and the need to vote to change things
Among the many stars of the show who have made themselves heard in recent weeks about the racial issue following the killing of George Floyd by a policeman, it certainly could not be missing Stevie Wonder. The 70-year-old musician, already known for his political commitment, spoke on the subject in a long time video message on Twitter who got numerous shares.

Wonder talked about the current political situation, about Donald Trump (against which he had already protested in the past) and of the “systemic racism” which in his opinion must end, like the police violence and the economic oppression of black Americans.


The singer who won 25 Grammy Awards and an Oscar also spoke of the Juneteenth, the holiday that on June 19 celebrates the emancipation from slavery of African Americans. Also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, this anniversary is particularly felt by the American black community and is also officially recognized by most of the United States of America. But, Wonder complained, it isn’t in North Dakota, South Dakota and Hawaii.

“What was it like celebrating freedom when you’re still fighting for it?” Asked Stevie Wonder, and then told how it took 18 years for the Martin Luther King Day was recognized as a national holiday. But, with the commitment of activists, today the third Monday of January is officially dedicated to remembering this important figure.

The artist, who mentioned his famous passage in his speech Visions and movement Black Lives Matter, then concluded his appeal by encouraging people to vote, to make a difference. “The future is in your hands,” said Wonder, “We have the power to vote and change things.”

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