Steve Bing, Liz Hurley’s ex is dead: he committed suicide in Los Angeles


Mourning in Hollywood cinema. The film producer Steve Bing, also known for his very busy private life, died at 55, probably suicidal. The site reported it TMZ, explaining that the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the death of the man who crashed from the 27th floor of the luxurious Ten Thousand condominium (so called because it is located at number 10,000 on Santa Monica Boulevard, between Beverly Hills and Century City), towards 13:00 on Monday 22 June. The memory on Instagram of ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley with whom she had a son, Damian, was born on 4 April 2002 and recognized only with DNA tests. I am sad beyond all imagination that my ex Steve is no longer with us – the 55-year-old ex model wrote on social media posting two images of the past together with Bing -. a terrible end. Our time together was very happy and I am publishing these photos because even if we have gone through difficult moments, I have good memories of a sweet and kind man. Last year we had approached it again. Last time we talked about our son’s 18th birthday. This is devastating news and I thank everyone for the affectionate messages.

Fatherhood and private life

For Bing, the one with Hurley was not the only paternity dispute: the well-known private investigator Anthony Pellicano, hired by the MGM tycoon Kirk Kerkorian, proved (once again through a DNA test) that Bing was the real father of his daughter who Kerkorian had had from ex-wife Lisa Bonder. Bing’s private life often won headlines. Once a great visitor to Hollywood nightlife, he was among the loyal members of the club run by Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss, where it was no mystery that there was a high-profile prostitution tour. Bing was also a food entrepreneur in Los Angeles, owner of the Crossroads vegan restaurant (now called Crossroads Kitchen) together with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. And he was also known as a funder of democratic causes and campaigns, as well as a friend of former President Bill Clinton.

The carreer

Bing had produced films such as Carter’s Revenge, The Exception to the Rule and Rock the Kasbah, but he was also known as a Kangaroo Jack screenwriter – Take the Money and Jump and Other Films. He was heir to an estimated $ 600 million real estate fortune received on the day of his 18th birthday by the businessman and philanthropist Leo S. Bing, to whom the L.A. Leo S. Bing Theater is named County Museum of Art. In 2000, Bing then founded Shangri-La Entertainment, with which he had produced and financed many films, including Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express and The Legend of Beowulf. His career as a producer had taken off with Carter’s Revenge with Sylvester Stallone (2000) starring, Adam Rifkin’s Without Charlie with Judy Greer from 2001 and Brivido Biondo with Owen Wilson and Charlie Sheen (2004). Over the past few years, Bing had been involved in several documentary film projects, including Crossfire Hurricane, the 2012 documentary directed by Brett Morgen on the career of the Rolling Stones.

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