Stefano De Martino, is the photo with Troisi an arrow for Belen? The mystery of the missing post


Stefano De Martino is Belen Rodriguez it seems they are increasingly in crisis. The couple, who has been away for several weeks now, seem to be going through a difficult time. This was confirmed by an Instagram story by De Martino who remembered Troisi with the famous title of the film “I thought it was love instead it was a buggy “.Read also> Belen, the tender shot with Santiago and his brother Jeremias. Then the arrow to Stefano De Martino

Many have seen in this quote an arrow for Belen to the point that Stefano has removed the content from social media. De Martino, like many other characters in the show, and beyond, wanted to remember Massimo Troisi on the day of his death. Posting the title of the famous film of ’91, given the unhappy period that he would be living with Belen, many saw an arrow by the dancer, so to mitigate the controversy he canceled everything.

According to some “I thought it was love instead it was a buggy”, would be what De Martino thinks of his story with the Argentine showgirl, already tormented for some time. The two broke up, had several relationships and came back together. They planned new weddings and even a son, but then the crisis came for reasons that are still unclear. How will this time end for the most loved couple in the world of entertainment?

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