Stefano Accorsi expects the second child from Bianca Vitali


A shower of VIP greetings on social media: from Laura Chiatti (who wrote: “The fourth blessing”) to Carolina Crescentini and Giorgio Pasotti who sent hearts, Catrinel Marlon, the new father Luca Argentero, Isabella Ferrari (who wrote: “Che beautiful! What a beautiful family “), Valeria Solarino, Fausto Puglisi, Beppe Sala (the mayor of Milan commented:” A hug dear friends “).

Stefano and Bianca met on the set in 2013. Theirs was love at first sight and they never broke up: the wedding in 2015 and two years after Lorenzo’s arrival. The actor said he was overwhelmed by a great emotion: “You never get used to it,” and then added that “when you return to having an important story, it is natural to project yourself into the future. I would never have done it just for my wife, the children get in two. ”

Accorsi and Vitali have twenty years of difference, yet criticisms have never touched them. He said he felt like a kid next to Bianca and she confessed that once doubts arose, then “the facts came and I stopped asking myself questions”.

Before Bianca, Accorsi lived a long history with Laetitia Casta from which Orlando and Athena were born. Then came the separation and the actor confided that it was necessary to “change the point of view”. And it capitulated in front of Vitali.

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