States General, coup of Count: Ursula von der Leyen arrives



Colpaccio by Giuseppe Conte. To the General States to be held from Friday 12 June to Sunday 21 – according to what is able to reveal – the President of the European Commission will also participate Ursula von der Leyen. This is a success of the Prime Minister who confirms the feeling between Palazzo Chigi and Brussels, born with the appointment of Paolo Gentiloni (Pd) to European Commissioner for Economy and Election of David Sassoli (also Pd) as president of the EU Parliament. The main point of the event will be the report defined by the Committee chaired by Vittorio Colao and the presence of Ursula will be another sign for the whole of Europe which demonstrates the importance of our country and how much the EU institutions hold on to Italy, which in the Old Continent has certainly acquired a greater weight than in the times of the M5S executive- League. If not, the former Defense Minister of Angela Merkel he wouldn’t bother to come to Rome. The premier aims at a serious, complete and articulated plan to bring Italy out of the pandemic crisis (and of the lockdown) and to start Phase 3 with all the stamps, that of the relaunch and economic recovery.

Not only that, for Conte it is also a way to consolidate his political leadership, given the too often quarrelsome majority, and thus to reach 2023 reaching the end of the legislature. There Weltanschauung Conte ‘s Europeanist, very different from the sovereignty of Salvini, could (conditional still a must) bring 172.7 billion euros to our country with the Recovery Fund, not to mention the possibility of using the 36 billion of the Mes for health costs without conditions. Not only. Conte has also been able to form alliances with other large European states, first of all Spain of Pedro S├ínchez and France of Emmanuel Macron, which brought Italy out of the isolation of the M5S-Lega government and which oppose the rigor of theEastern Europe and of austere countries like Austria, Holland, Denmark is Sweden. The arrival in Italy of Ursula for the States General is perhaps the icing on the cake of a potentially winning strategy of the premier at European level. That could assure him of the Palazzo Chigi armchair for another three years.

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