Star Wars: Squadrons, gameplay videos and official information from EA Play Live


Announced only a few days ago, during theEA Play Live 2020 we could already see in action Star Wars: Squadron, the new Electronic Arts game dedicated to the Star Wars universe. The first gameplay video has made it clear that we will be faced with a first person shooter with the fighters of Star Wars that take the place of the canonical heroes to play strictly in multiplayer. Although there will be a single player mode. The whole game will also be playable in VR.

The closest comparison, at least from what we understand from our preview of Star Wars: Squadron, is with Overwatch. Except that in this case it will be the starfighter class to determine its movement capacity and skills on the battlefield.

The game is set at the end of the original Star Wars trilogy. The mission shown, in fact, speaks of the destruction of the second Death Star, thus placing the game immediately after the battle of Endor. As per tradition we will have to choose between the Rebels and the imperial forces.

This dichotomy will also apply to the single player. At the beginning of the game we will have to decide whether to play a soldier of the Empire or the Rebels (even if the rumor says that we will fight for the new Republic). The game will take place inside our ship and the equipment will provide all the information requested. The missions to face will be increasingly difficult, but thanks to a close-knit team we will be able to reach the end of the story.

The story of the two protagonists will determine the balance of powers within the galaxy.

The different ones ships they will have unique characteristics: the fighters (Tie Fighter and X-Wing) are the most flexible and balanced ships. Interceptors (Tie Interceptors and A-Wing) are the fastest and most maneuverable ships. The support ships (Tie Reaper and U-Wing) will always keep their companions supplied. The bomber (Tie Bomber and Y-Wing) are the slowest ships, but the best armed and armored ones. A division similar to that of Star Wars: Battlefront II, a game from which Star Wars: Squadrons seems to have taken a lot.

Obviously every ship will be deeply customizable in colors and liveries. There will also be over 50 components to add to the ship to customize its performance and adapt it to your playing style.

Between modality of game we find Dogfight. It is an all-out 5-on-5 battle in which it will be necessary to use the synergies between the group and exploit the map to get the better of the opposing team. The queen mode, however, will be Fleet Battles. This is a multi-round conflict that you can face alone or as a team. Before embarking on the action, you can discuss the strategy in social hubs with the team. The first part of the battle will be a fight in the center of the map. The second phase will be the one in which we will have to attack (or defend) two medium vessels of the opposite faction.

Finally it will be the turn of theflagship enemy, to be disabled piece by piece. In each section you can proceed in attack or go back in defense according to the progress of the game. According to the developers, only the most united teams can win.

What do you think? Star Wars: Squadron will arrive in October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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