Stake at Thyssenkrupp, half-freedom to the two German managers. Victim relatives: we chain ourselves in Rome


The two German managers of the Thyssenkrupp convicted of murder and negligent fire will enjoy semi-freedom. The German prosecutor in Essen authorized a semi-liberty regime for Harald Espenhahn and Gerald Priegnitz, the two managers of Thyssenkrupp considered jointly responsible for the fire, which caused the death of 7 workers in Turin, and sentenced to 5 years in prison for murder and fire culpable.

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Turin pg Thyssen: “German managers will serve their sentences in prison”
Rogo Thyssen in Turin, yes in Germany on arrest for two top managers

Radio Colonia, which quotes the prosecutor, reports Anette Milk. “The two convicts are expected to serve their sentences with the so-called ‘offener Vollzug’,” says the prosecutor. “Which means they are being held in a penitentiary, but they can leave him every day to go to work and have to go back in the evening,” he explains.

The execution of the sentence should start for both of them within a month, according to the prosecutor. The fire dates back to December 6, 2007, when it flared up in the steel mill killing seven workers. The investigation pointed the finger at the serious safety gaps of the plant, which was being disposed of for the transfer of the plants to Terni.

«We will chain ourselves in Rome. We will go to Essen. We will do something. They have to tell us how this is possible. ” It is the first comment of Rosina Platì, mother of one of the seven victims of the stake at the Thyssenkrupp in Turin in 2007, to the news of the semi-freedom for the two German managers. Last update: 20:32


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