Stabbing in the streets of the center in the middle of the night: a twenty-six year old injured


Lite with stabbing in the night between Saturday and Sunday in via Arco Vallaresso where at around 2.40 the police cars together with the health workers of Suem 118 intervened for a person on the ground bleeding wounded with cutting weapons.

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The quarrel

According to what was reconstructed by the police, a 26-year-old boy of Albanian nationality, irregular and with precedents, had been hit by several blows in various points of the body. The young man was unable to reconstruct what happened. Transferred to hospital, he was discharged on Sunday around noon with a 20-day prognosis. The attacker, in all likelihood a fellow countryman, walked away along via dei Tadi, losing track of himself. The mobile team also investigates the fact to ascertain all the outlines of the story.

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