spusu, telephony with a big heart. The “Austrian Iliad” Comes


spusu ready to go. The launch of the new mobile operator is a matter of hours. It will start on June 15th. It’s called spusu and its slogan is the “big-hearted mobile phone”. Will he be able to follow Iliad’s success? Soon to say it. Meanwhile, here is the first information on the arrival from June 15, 2020 of this new competitor. Meanwhile, online, the community launched by UpGo.news arrives: the spusu Italia Community to discuss, on Facebook, the news of the new telephone operator.

spusu italia community

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Few tariffs, cheap, clear and simple. Obviously spusu looks with interest to Iliad and will try in every way to acquire part of the successful formula. After all, spusu is not exactly new. For some time now he has been playing the part of Austrian Iliad. The company is in fact present in the small neighboring state, where in a super crowded virtual market, it has carved out a respectable position. In Austria spusu works on the Austrian network 3. And convinced by the goodness of the partnership with Group 3, spusu also uses the W3 network in Italy (which also supports Iliad customers in ran sharing).

Iliad banner

Spusu will however try to convince our consumers starting from the user experience. Customer care will be close to the customer, the top managers promise. With a totally internal and “human” call center.

As said spusu is an MVNO, or a virtual manager. But savings will be possible thanks to a huge work of developed technologies in house. It is the pride of the Austrian leaders of the small company who use all internally built software, to cut on enablers and external suppliers. In short, the Italian adventure will start from the basis of what has already been done in Austria where, as mentioned, the manager has had extraordinary success.

Iliad in Austrian sauce

In Austria the manager made a fortune but there was no great enemy he will find here: Iliad. Beyond the Alps, the small operator has indeed focused a bit on the same key factors of Iliad’s success. Simplicity, convenience, total transparency.

So the most interesting thing, in a few days, will be to understand how spusu will try to carve out its own space, despite the fact that a cheap and simple operator is already present and is strongly loved by Italian consumers. In short, we will have to understand how spusu will try to distinguish itself from Iliad, trying to seduce at least a part of the customer base (which is now around 6 million in Italy).

An interesting factor, at least in our opinion, could be the giga inherited from month to month, which spusu does in Austria. In practice, the jigs not consumed are not lost and add up to those of the following month. This could be a nice killer application from the new telephone operator.

Meanwhile, it is possible to stay informed about the launch of spusu and continue to talk about the new possibilities of this operator on the dedicated Facebook Group. If spusu interests you, jump on www.facebook.com/groups/spusuitalia

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And you, what kind of offer do you expect from spusu? Will the small manager be able to find his space in our crowded market?

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