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Spusu, the new Full MVNO virtual operator on WINDTRE 4G network that will arrive in few days on the Italian market, in view of the launch has already made its official application for Android is available on the Google Play Store. In addition, i have also been activated social channels with the Facebook and Instagram pages.

After MondoMobileWeb revealed the preview of the Spusu Italia SIM card layout and the customer support numbertherefore further elements confirm the imminence of the launch commercial of the new virtual operator from Austria Mass Response.

In fact, already in the next days rates will be communicated by the operator and a new Spusu rechargeable SIM can be purchased.

The official application for mobile devices Android it was published on the Google Play Store on 5 June 2020, on the developer profile of Mass Response (the same used for the Austrian application), while at the moment the iOS app is not yet available on the Apple App Store.

In the description of the app, reference is made to “My spusu profile”, which could be the name of the operator’s customer area, and some are also disclosed functionality application.

With the Spusu Italia app, as reported on the Play Store, it will therefore be possible view the remaining credit, check the expiry date of your rate, keep consumption under control, set a cost limit is customize the answering machine.

access to the information of your Spusu number from the app it will be possible both automatically when you will use the Spusu network, or using their own customer area credentials composed by telephone number it’s a password.

To download the application from the Google Play Store (current version 1.00.029) it is necessary Android 4.1 or later.

Android app

As you can read in the description, in addition to the customer support telephone number already anticipated in recent days, a WhatsApp support number on 3780102000, currently not yet active.

Between the illustrative images of the app entered on the Play Store you can also see what it could be one of the first tariff offers of the new virtual operator, called Spusu Piccolo, with 500 minutes, 100 SMS and 7 Giga of internet.

Clearly it could only be an illustrative imagetherefore, it is not known whether this will actually be one of Spusu’s offers.

In addition, the sample number used in the images confirms the area code 3780 which will be used for the new activations, assigned by MISE last year together with the MNC 56 code, which will characterize the initial part of the ICCID serial of the SIM that will be then 893956.

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As mentioned, in addition to having made the application available for Android, the new virtual operator has also made its debut in the last few days social networks, activating the official pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Actually the page Facebook turns out to have been even created on February 12, 2019, before the advances of March 2019 of Der Standard on the landing in Italy of the Austrian virtual operator.

On both the Instagram and Facebook pages, the claim “Mobile telephony with a big heart” already present for some time in the title of the site, as told. On the Facebook page there is also a cover video that uses this claim together with an animation of the Spusu logo.

The first post of the new operator was published on both social networks on June 5 2020, With the photo of a smartphone on whose screen there is only a green background, accompanied by the following description: “No, we haven’t forgotten the logo. There are more important things for us “.

In the morning of today, June 8, 2020, the operator has published a new post both on Facebook and on Instagram with the following sentence “People are important to us! Join our community and choose the mobile phone with a big heart. #spusu “, accompanied by a short video generic that ends with the animation of the Spusu logo.

Spusu Instagram

Then browsing the Facebook page description of Spusu Italia, in the section “Information”, you find this sentence: “Our vision is to offer our customers a customer service that knows how to listen to them. Our rates are simple in their structure and have fair prices “.

There Spusu philosophy explained in this description also confirms the ideas behind another claim used in some communications, consisting of three words, which represents the Italian translation of the one used in Austria, that is “Simple. Human. Sincere”.

In this regard, in an interview with MondoMobileWeb of 5 October 2019, Spusu’s top management had discussed the operator’s launch strategy. The CEO Karl Katzbauer and the Managing Director of Italian Expansion of Mass Response (the Group to which Spusu belongs) Christian T. Anton, had made it clear that the operator would rely on the WINDTRE network and that he would focus, also in terms of communication, on simplicity of the offer It is on customer support in all sales phases.

On that occasion, the top management of the operator foresaw the first quarter of 2020 as the launch date, which was then confirmed by the company to the editorial staff in the following months. However, despite the search for staff started in March 2020, the Coronavirus epidemic then pushed to postpone the launch, expected now in the next few days.

Please remember that Spusu had already activated its Italian website around November 2019, with the claim “Mobile telephony with a big heart”. Currently, however, only the home page with the operator’s logo in the center and some contacts from the press office and the company Spusu Italia s.r.l. are still available. and therefore it is not possible to navigate or access other areas.

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