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Dear Prosecutor,I am a Serie A Primavera footballer (we also felt on the phone) with no agent and no desire to have one (with all respect for his category). I have just learned that the Spring Championship has been definitively canceled also because several Spring players will be joined to the first teams as there is a need to have a wider squad for any changes, etc. I obviously write because I stayed out of everything, I will not play in the Spring, I will not be joined to the first team and not even the shadow of a professional contract. Am I being punished because I don’t have the prosecutor who was recommended to my family? Signed: a footballer like many, player None!

Dear player None,

warning those who read us that you have a name and a surname and a company to which I belong, I promise total privacy on what you have told me on the phone. In the lines of the email you have been more cautious inaccuse who you hold responsible for your failure to call in the first team. Not being able to go into the merits of the technical choices, I want however reassured that the agents are not the creators of the calls nor can they push much to make this or that player play. Being attached to a first team is the “prize” granted to a player considered to be already mature to play with the “grown-ups” and possibly to make his league debut. For example, Inter will most likely give space to 2002 Lorenzo Pirola and Lucien Agoumé as well as other clubs have already aggregated several young players ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will be granted to them due to the 5 changes and the schedule so full of matches. “Largo ai Giovani” is the diktat of this new phase of Italian football, but this does not mean that those who will be excluded from the technical plans in this period will have to put their oars on the boat. and do not continue to hope for a convocation. Dear player Nobody continues to train with determination and seriousness and you will see that the opportunities will not be long in coming even for you! As for your last question (“Am I being punished because I don’t have the attorney that was recommended to my family?”) I stress that companies should not influence families on the choice of the attorney since the relationship with the latter is based on a relationship of trust between the parties. It would be serious if what you report was true!But now I pass the ball to the users of calciomercato.com: in your opinion the diktat “off to the young!” will he be only a passenger because of the Coronavirus or will we see the trend in the future to leave more space for young players from the springs? Need for the moment or halfway point?

PS: Atalanta in the photo, at the top of the Primavera championship standings at the time of suspension.

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