Speranza quarantines non-EU arrivals


Open borders, indeed not. Italy eliminates travel restrictions for 15 countries considered safe by the EU – including China, if Beijing responds with the same provisions, but not the USA – but anyone arriving from all non-European countries will have to carry out a quarantine period to “not frustrate the efforts made so far against the covid epidemic,” says Health Minister Roberto Speranza. Initially it was thought that the government should include this measure in a prime ministerial decree by midnight today, because European provisions will apply from tomorrow. But as far as Huffpost Speranza learns, he will sign an order from the ministry to maintain quarantine for those arriving from outside the EU.

Ever since the beginning of the covid emergency, Speranza has always been the most prudent of ministers in the reopening match. The quarantine will be valid until July 15, after which the situation will be reviewed. In fact, however, the measure thwarts the reopening of borders to non-European countries and will discourage tourists from these countries and willing to come to Italy, but the Minister of Health is convinced that it cannot be done otherwise.

This is why Italy has waited to date to respond to the EU request to vote on the list of countries deemed safe. In the end it was decided yes, not to break the attempt at European unity aimed at safeguarding the Schengen area, but with the condition of quarantine.

The list of 15 states deemed safe by the European Council includes Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China, provided that Beijing does same towards Europeans. There is no USA, in fact. But there are not even Brazil, Russia, India, Turkey, Israel and many other states. As for the United Kingdom, it is still officially part of the EU, negotiations for the final farewell are still ongoing – indeed stopped at a dead end – and therefore there are no restrictions on travel across the Channel from the Continent and vice versa, beyond the quarantine that individual states can adopt.

Italy will maintain quarantine for those arriving from outside Schengen. In fact, the idea of ​​Hope is to apply the measure to everyone, anyone arriving from third countries, including the 15 states selected by the European Council, after numerous and complicated meetings of the ambassadors of the EU member countries. In the end, it was decided to select based on mainly health criteria. Countries that have had a number of new Covid-19 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants below the EU average and with a stable or decreasing trend compared to two weeks ago were chosen in the last 14 days. In addition, states were examined on the basis of how they managed the pandemic, namely: testing, surveillance, contact traceability, containment, treatment and communication. All based on the information available: a factor that hindered the negotiations, very tense on the reliability of the information provided by third States.

This is also why Speranza brakes. Moreover, the procedure adopted by a qualified majority by the Member States gives each government the possibility of interpreting the recommendation restrictively. That is: we can add more control measures, but we cannot add States for which borders are reopened if they have already been excluded from Brussels.

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