Special Friends, Maria De Filippi reveals: Stash becomes dad


Maria De Filippi makes a super revelation on one of the protagonists of Amici: Stash of The Kolors. That…

Maria De Filippi, before starting the final of Special Friends – with Tim together for Italy, he makes a shocking revelation (but really wonderful) on Stash, the leader of The Kolors and professor, for two years now, of the school of Amici.

The presenter makes the boy sit at the center of the study, in the meantime he wears a pair of gloves and takes a box in his hands. He approaches the singer and pulls out one gold necklace with a teddy bear pendant attached. Stash smiles and is slightly moved.


Before revealing why she gave that gift, Maria comments: “Look Stash, this year you did a very beautiful thing, a hymn to life“. Then he shows a small video: an ultrasound with a beating heart. It is the baby who carries the singer’s companion on his lap. Then he announces: “Stash becomes dad“.

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Maria has great respect for Stash and The Kolors


Stash is definitely one of the talents of the Amici school to which Maria De Filippi is most fond of. She always believed in the band a lot, saw her grow and eventually offered the group leader to become a teacher in that school that had crowned him the winner a few years ago.


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