Spadafora: “Serie A free to air on TV? We are succeeding”


ROME – The news for the free plaintext transmission of some Serie A games. The Minister of Sport announced it Vincenzo Spadafora live on Facebook: “We are at a good point, obviously we will not broadcast all the matches at all hours, but we are finding an agreement that brings everything together. Do not think it is easy, because there is Sky in the middle that holds the rights, but also Mediaset, Rai and Dazn. It is a complex game, but we are succeeding“.

Spadafora: “On June 25 check for soccer”

On amateur soccer in Spadafora clubs it is still prudent: “On the subject of the reopening of the centers where contact sports are practiced, the week there was a heated debate within the Council of Ministers. In the end the line of Minister Speranza prevailed, which imposed the non-reopening for the respect of the two rules that we are all still called to respect: social distancing is mask. How do I respond to those who ask me for an exact date for contact sports? The ministry of health has asked us to check on June 25th how will the epidemiological curve be, in light of all these reopenings, also that of the borders with the arrival of foreign tourists. I know that soccer fields and other activities risk a lot, not to reopen, and in the meantime we will have to extend the allowance for sports workers who are unable to work. And do not take the example of the Serie A that has resumed, because it has nothing to do with it and concerns a few hundred people: the FIGC has adopted an extremely rigid protocol, which isolates the whole team, which cannot be done in the soccer or amateur football, even if there are those who pretend not to know“.

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