Spadafora: “I don’t agree with Cts on contact sports”


The Minister of Sport confirms the positive opinion: “I await the opinion of the Minister of Health”

“I disagree with the opinion of the CTS, I confirm my positive opinion and look forward to that of Minister Speranza”. This is the reaction of the Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, after the Scientific and Technical Committee said he was against the resumption of soccer and contact sports. “Resuming the activities of sports centers, with the guarantees guaranteed by the Regions’ document on sanitizing and maintaining data for the necessary days, would increase – I believe – security for all”, added Spadafora.

The recovery

Spadafora then explains: “« Virtually all the activities have resumed, groups of friends meet and spend hours together, eating at the same table – the minister still says -, but above all we have seen people from all over Italy playing all kinds of sports in parks or on beaches “.

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